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Roosterbank Parent Buying Guides and Lists are designed to help parents, aunts, uncles and godparents looking to get advice and help on: what is appropriate for kids, what the ‘must have’ things really are and most importantly how to always get the best value for money.

We spend a lot of time researching what the best products by age, price and value are out there – making sure that what children upload or select on Roosterbank are appropriate. We also spend a lot of time helping children make the right decisions about how to use their pocket money to best effect. These guides are based on what we have picked up along the way and any pearls of wisdom we have to help you, whether you are looking for a present or trying to decide whether to approve or turn down a request from your kids!

Lists are broken down by topic, age and type. A full directory can be found at the bottom of this page. Or check out the guides below.

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Disney Infinity vs Skylanders Swap Force: A Parent Guide

Back in October 2011 Skylanders hit the shelves with instant success. Two years on – with $1.5 Billion in the bank – the third game Skylanders Swap Force is here, however competition has emerged with the recent arrival of Disney Infinity… In this Parent Guide we’ll l
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What are Predasaurs? – A Parent Guide

The latest thing being sold at supermarket ‘nag points’ (you know those shelves right by the checkout at child eye level) are Predasuars. These prehistoric figures have been a roaring success with kids the playground over and seem to be getting ever more popular, but what
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minecraft for children

What is Minecraft? – A Parent Guide

This week Minecraft hit 33 million users which is pretty impressive for a game that’s visaully more at home in the 90′s than now, especially when a large proportion of Minecraft’s fans are children spoilt with super realistic graphics and ultra-high resolution in com
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Furby Boom Pink

Furby Boom vs Furby 2.0: A Parent Guide

Hasbro’s new Furby Boom is here and everyone at Roosterbank has actually been looking forward to the release. Why? I hear you ask, well when the Furby 2.0 was released last year it made it’s mark by delivering something very unexpected and was crowned the top toy of Christ
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Parental Controls to Prevent Children from Buying Apps

Prevent ‘Children’s App Sprees’ with Parental Controls

Over the last year, children have proven how expensive technology can be, with many little hands racking up huge bills for virtual donuts, gems and badges on their parents iPads. In this post we give you two tips on parental controls, to help avoid this ever happening to you. Parental
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