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Roosterbank Parent Buying Guides and Lists are designed to help parents, aunts, uncles and godparents looking to get advice and help on: what is appropriate for kids, what the ‘must have’ things really are and most importantly how to always get the best value for money.

We spend a lot of time researching what the best products by age, price and value are out there – making sure that what children upload or select on Roosterbank are appropriate. We also spend a lot of time helping children make the right decisions about how to use their pocket money to best effect. These guides are based on what we have picked up along the way and any pearls of wisdom we have to help you, whether you are looking for a present or trying to decide whether to approve or turn down a request from your kids!

Lists are broken down by topic, age and type. A full directory can be found at the bottom of this page. Or check out the guides below.

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Latest Posts

What is the average pocket money given in 2014?

Every so often on Roosterbank we run a report to see how much pocket money parents are giving their children. This is a good chance for parents considering how much pocket money to give their children to see what other mums and dads are doing. It’s also a good way for parents to
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Apple Opens Up To Families, Finally

We have been keen to write this post for a while. Apple’s announcement of iOS8 came with the promise of greater support for family features. Encouraging family interaction across Mum’s iPad and little Timmy’s iPod touch seems well overdue, October’s iOS8 release has shown a commitment
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What Are The Best Kids Roller Skates? A Parent Guide

Roller skating has had a bit of a resurgence in recent years, with kids of all ages seeing the skating trend as much more ‘street’, it seems that the cheesy 70s roller disco image is thing of the past. Skating has become seriously cool and with so different styles and bran
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Where to find cheap Loom Bands – A Parent Guide

The latest craze to hit playgrounds is Loom Bands, a jazzed up take on the traditional friendship bracelet. In this post we explain the appeal of Loom Bands and let you know the best places to find cheap loom bands, as some sets are much more expensive than others. What’s so cool abou
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What are the Best Headphones for Kids? A Parent Guide to Beats, Skullcandy, Urbanz

A child’s hearing is delicate and therefore it’s essential that you choose the best headphones possible for children, not only to protect them from excessive noise levels, but also to ensure comfort as most adult headphones simply won’t fit little ears. In this paren
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The Best Cashback and Reward Savings Accounts

What are Cashback Accounts? Bank accounts with a cashback scheme are designed to reward their customers with a % back on what they spend with various retailers and services. Rewards have traditionally been the domain of the the likes of Quidco – who are well worth checking out f
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What are Ugglys – A Parent Guide

If you’re yet to be introduced to an Uggly it’s probably best it stays that way, although with Christmas around the corner it’s likely an Uggly could make it onto your child’s list, down the chimney and be in the front room before you know it. In this parent guide we ask whether these
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What are Hexbugs? – Hexbug Nano V2 review – A Parent Guide

What are Hexbugs? Hexbugs are little robotic creatures that react to their environment. There are many different types, from basic little critters that will happily whizz across a desk, to Spider, Scarab and Ant inspired designs which pack some pretty impressive engineering. Designed
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The Best Robots for Kids: A Parent Guide

The word ‘robot’ immediately makes me think of two things, the humanoid friend I dreamed of having as a child and a 70′s dance move I’m desperately trying to master. Although my bionic friend is still yet to materialise there are some pretty cool robotics kits
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