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Roosterbank Parent Buying Guides and Lists are designed to help parents, aunts, uncles and godparents looking to get advice and help on: what is appropriate for kids, what the ‘must have’ things really are and most importantly how to always get the best value for money.

We spend a lot of time researching what the best products by age, price and value are out there – making sure that what children upload or select on Roosterbank are appropriate. We also spend a lot of time helping children make the right decisions about how to use their pocket money to best effect. These guides are based on what we have picked up along the way and any pearls of wisdom we have to help you, whether you are looking for a present or trying to decide whether to approve or turn down a request from your kids!

Lists are broken down by topic, age and type. A full directory can be found at the bottom of this page. Or check out the guides below.

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Slushy cup review - chill factor

Chill Factor Squeeze Cup Slushy Maker Review

Surprisingly, the most popular item on Roosterbank (even in winter months!) is not the XBox One or PlayStation 4, it is in fact the Chill Factor Squeeze Cup Slushy Maker. As you probably guessed, this must have toy cup promises to turn any drink into a slushy, but does it really work?
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Raspberry Pi for children

What is the Raspberry Pi? It’s tasty but its not edible…..and it has sold a million units in the first 12 months of its existence.  The Raspberry Pi (RPi) is a small computer. It doesn’t have a screen or keyboard but plugs into most monitors or TV’s and a keybo
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The Best Family Tents – Tried and Tested 4-man, 6-man and 12-man Review

As the sun starts to show its face more and more, the idea of grabbing a family tent and camping out for a night, a weekend or even a week with the family becomes more appealing. We checked out everything that’s necessary for keeping the family comfortable when in the great British ou
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Does your child really need a Smart Watch?

Wearable tech is not just for adults. Toy manufacturers are lining up to join the latest craze of things that aren’t a phone but do most of what a phone does. VTech, the makers of tablets for children released their Kidizoom Smart Watch and it is proving to be a hit with youngst
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Secrectly Educational Games for Kids

Playing fun family games can be a great time to get children engaged with some simple maths – like sneaking vegetables into their favourite meal – just choose a game that’s really fun and they will have basically done a week’s worth of homework in the time it t
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4 Effortless Ways to Save on Christmas

Christmas is expensive. Here are some ways to cut costs without losing your mind. There’s a million ways to save money, however the amount of effort you have to do this to squirrel away a few extra pennies can be counterproductive. Here are a few tips and tricks we have from the
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best kids tablet Samsung-GALAXY

Updated Best Kids Tablets 2014: Samsung Galaxy 3 Kids, Kurio 10S, Nabi 2, Amazon Kinlde HD6

The last year has seen some major developments in the colourful world of children’s tablets, with Samsung the latest tech giant to jump on the bandwagon, responding to demand for a kids’ tablet that is safe, affordable and most importantly can put up with a bit of ruff-and-tumbl
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What is a zelf

What on EARTH is a Zelf?

The keyword here is EARTH. Because whoever came up with the Zelf was probably not on earth at the time… A melange of Flash Gordon, Footloose and some scary use of neon, Zelf’s come in a variety of colours, each with their own name and a special power which are all admirabl
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The best skateboards for children

The Best Kids Skateboard – A Parent Guide

Skateboarding has a trendsetting history and is often considered one of the coolest extreme sports. It’s therefore no wonder that every kid goes through a ‘skater’ fad, deciding they want a skatebord and some baggy jeans. I know I certainly did! This parent guide wil
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