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Roosterbank Technical Help

We’ve tried our best to make Roosterbank work on all computers, however there are a few minimum requirements. If you have any queries once you’ve read the advice below please do get in touch.

Desktops & PC’s >
Top tips on how to speed things up>
Mobile Access >Useful Tips Section

PC & Mac Advice

Your Internet Connection

Broadband connections are essential for the Village parts of the site so you can see your animals and play games. You’ll need a connection of at least 256kbps – ideally more. Most ADSL or cable internet connections are faster than this and it’s worth upgrading. You can check your broad band connection speed here

You’ll need Flash 10

For the Village you will need at least Flash player 10. If you don’t have Flash 10, you can download it for free from the adobe website –

Clear your Cache

Sometimes it’s best to clear your cache as things just get a bit too much for your browser. This is good practice on the internet as a whole if things start to slow down Here’s how you do it.

Try using the latest browser

It’s best to have the latest version of your browser. You can view what browser you are using and alternatives/ updates at

It looks best with a bigger monitor

This again is only really important for the village where we think things look best on a minimum screen resolution of 1024 x 768 – this means that net books can be a bit tricky

If you’re on a PC, you’ll need:

• Windows XP / Vista / 7
• Intel Centrino/AMD Sempron processor or better
• At least 1GB of memory
• Sound card and suitable drivers

And if you’re on a Mac, you’ll need:

• Any version of OSX
• G5 or Intel processors only
• At least 1GB of memory

Top tips to speed things up

• Don’t have lots of windows open in your browser
• Don’t try and download things while you are browsing
• Follow the pointers above to try and improve your browsing experience – better browser, better PC, better broadband.


Parents can access their areas on their mobile phones at this URL or we’ll direct you to the mobile site when you type into your mobile browser. Handy for doing boosts and removes on the run.

Kids do not have a mobile version of the site yet but they can access their dashboard and shop on an ipad or mobile device so you can see how much you have saved.

The village is not available to play on an ipad.

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