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Twister Dance Review

Twister Dance Review

Rock to the Spots!!

Britney Spears has just launched the new Twister Dance game which could well be the best game this year! The game features a round console which plays music such as Willow Smith’s – Whip My Hair and of course a new remix of Britney Spears’ – Till the World Ends. As the console changes colour, you have to move your feet onto one of the coloured spots you’ve placed on the floor . All in time to the music of course as no one wants to look silly now do they!

If you don’t like Britney (maybe you’re a Belieber?), you can play your own music through Twister Dance by connecting your iPod and it will very cleverly match the music to moves in the game! So, you can dance away to all your fave tunes!

Twister Dance

The Twister Dance Console

Rocking to the spots will help anyone pick up some new dance moves to show off in front of their friends.

Here’s an intro You Tube video from Toy Spy

Is this the coolest game for dancing or are games like Just Dance and Dance Central more fun? Post your comments below and let us know


If you like the look of Twister Dance you can check it out in the Rooster Shop by clicking here  you can also get it from Amazon with free delivery.

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  1. valentine says:

    I might get one. They look great.