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Financial Education


Roosterbank helps children learn to save and spend wisely. This section of the site is designed to help parents and teachers navigate through our financial education resources.

Resources are broken down into three areas. Resources for teachers, activities and games for children and also a directory of some of the best resources we have picked up from across the web.


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Latest Posts

kids saving accounts

January Financial Education and Child Saving Round-Up

In January many of us decided to try and hone in better money habits for our families, by cutting back on various expenditures and building a solid base for the year ahead.  As we move into February the real challenge is to keep up these good habits of saving money as a family. To giv
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Talking to your children about finance. How much information is too much?

In Radio 4′s episode on Money Matters on Wednesday, as part of their Bringing Up Britain series, Mariella Frostrup discussed with her panel of guests their tips on how to talk to kids about money and also, importantly how much they should talk to children about money. Emma Foste
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Top tips to teach your kids about the value of money.

Off the back of our post on Radio 4′s Bringing up Britain episode on Money Matters, here are a few tips from Roosterbank HQ on teaching kids about the value money and managing it well. Teaching with pennies will prepare them for pounds: As with anything, start small before going
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Bringing up Britain – Money Matters on Radio 4

Some of you may have been also following the Radio 4 Bringing up Britain series presented by Mariella Frostrup.  This weeks programme focuses on Money Matters and how kids should learn about money and how much we should tell them about finances. With lots of pocket money gifted over C
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Rule change: Child Trust Funds to Junior ISAs from 2015

The Chancellor’s Autumn statement disappointingly gave no mention of plans to help the 6 million child savers with under performing Child Trust Funds. Mr Osborne however, over the Christmas break, broke silence on the matter by announcing that in 2015 all children with Child Tru
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How much pocket money for a 6 year old

December Financial Education Update

First of all, happy New Year! As many of us really feel the need to be savvy throughout January, it’s a perfect time to try out different ways of saving money as a family. Here we have rounded up the most interesting and important financial education, children’s saving  an
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Taking stuff to a charity shop? Get your children involved!

Last weekend I carted a car boot full of stuff to our local charity shop. Old Clothes that I didn’t think would sell for much on Ebay, books that looked nice on the shelf but were definitely never going to be read again and lots of paraphernalia that might be useful to someone else bu
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pocket money saver

Pocket money savers come out on top!

Today’s report from the University of Sheffield was greeted with a big cheer here at Roosterbank central. In case you haven’t heard the news, a structured pocket money routine really does play a part in helping young people to develop healthy finance habits later in life. Giving pocke
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Ebay can help teach your children the value of their possessions.

Boxes of unwanted toys, books and games? Unlock the cash and teach your children the value of their toys and clothes while you’re at it. Ebaying can be a great way to get some cash back for some of those old toys and clothes that are piled up in your families cupboards. Getting your c
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